Effective recruitment and selection
An Asda case study

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Page 2: Organisational culture

At the heart of Asda’s success is its organisational culture which has been built over time. This defines how colleagues behave at Asda. It ranges from how colleagues treat customers and other external stakeholders to how they treat each other. Asda’s culture of trust pervades all that happens within all elements of Asda’s operations. Asda is a company with a conscience, dedicated to doing the right thing for its customers, colleagues and communities. Andy Clarke, President and CEO states:

‘Building trust with each other is the most important step to winning the absolute trust of our customers.’

Asda’s beliefs are behind every decision that every colleague within the company makes and help influence the organisation’s culture. These are:

  • to provide excellent service to our customers
  • to show respect for the individual
  • to strive for excellence
  • to act with integrity.

In 2009 Asda ran a survey to discover what its customers thought about the company. From the results of this survey Asda created its ‘customer pledges’ outlining what customers should expect to experience from Asda. The success of these pledges led Asda to replicate this with ‘colleague pledges’. These were covered in the annual colleague survey in 2013, ‘Your Voice’, which surveyed every colleague across the business in stores, Home Offices and Distribution. The four colleague pledges demonstrate what Asda is committed to providing for its workforce. These are:

  • Fairness at work.
  • Opportunity for all.
  • Respect for each other.
  • Pride in Asda.


Asda 18 Image 5Asda leaders are committed to bringing these pledges to life, recognising that it is the Tiny Noticeable Things (TNT) leaders do that make the biggest impression and engage colleagues. For example, leaders should always be polite and approachable, lend a hand on the shop floor and lead social and community events with colleagues. These are live examples of the pledges. These TNTs make colleagues feel more valued, more fulfilled, more supported and more motivated to deliver the customer pledges. An audit of management at Asda indicated the following positive behaviours:

  • Fairness brought to life by leaders who are empathetic and recognise their colleagues.
  • Opportunity for all promoted by leadership that encourages colleagues and is communicative.
  • Respect for each other shown by leadership which is collaborative and listens to colleagues.
  • Pride in Asda by inspirational and motivational leadership.

Awareness of these behaviours positively affects recruitment and selection by attracting the best candidates and developing the leaders of the future. These pledges strengthen the employer brand whilst creating an internal environment that promotes trust and supports career progression.

Asda is committed to employing the best candidate for all its vacancies. This means looking for applicants from the largest possible pool of talent, both internally and externally. Lead by the Executive Board, Asda’s diversity and inclusion policy ensure there is no discrimination in terms of age, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation or disability. Working with external partners such as Remploy and Stonewall, Asda positively encourages people from different backgrounds and cultures to apply. This commitment to inclusion wholeheartedly supports Asda’s colleague pledges of fairness at work and opportunity for all. In addition, Asda actively promotes inclusion within communities through sponsoring Pride events across the UK such as Leeds Pride.

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