Meeting business needs through training and development
An Asda case study

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Page 5: Identifying training and development needs

Identifying skills and development opportunities for senior roles is essential to maintain leadership succession.

ASDA’s aim is ‘to ensure we identify and create a robust internal succession plan to develop our internal talent’. It therefore provides a visible and structured career path for its GSMs, backed up by technical and behavioural training.

Asda runs Development Days with its senior managers to identify where their development opportunities are. These consist of asda-highvisibilityvestmany different activities such as business simulations, presentations and in depth interviews. ASDA also uses psychometric tests, 360-degree Leadership Surveys, 1-1 diagnosis with line managers and annual appraisals to help identify development needs. It is essential that each person's development plan is 'fit for purpose' and tailored to individual requirements.

These tools help ensure that the investment ASDA makes in training and development helps the business achieve its objectives. All training and development should contribute to improving ASDA's overall business performance. The GSM-ROM programme is designed to provide a structured yet flexible approach to developing a career path. The programme fits around a GSM's own personal experiences and current technical and behavioural skills. This aligns his or her career development path to meet and overcome the challenges of their store.

A GSM’s performance is measured equally on both outcomes (the ‘what’) and behaviours (the ‘how’). One of the ways these are assessed is through feedback from other colleagues. This process focuses on Likes, Concerns and Suggestions (LCS) and ensures that feedback is always constructive.

Once training needs are identified these are managed through various programmes, such as store visits, Line Manager coaching, off-the-job modules, coaching calls and mentoring.

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