Investing in people and in brands
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Page 3: Career development

Recruitment and selection

The recruitment process at Audi is designed to attract and select those applicants most suited to working for a dynamic prestige Brand, i.e. those individuals who best fit the Audi culture.

Audi provides a comprehensive recruitment service to all Audi Centres, which includes role profiles, pay advice, recruitment advertising, interview guidelines and assessment centres for selection. Audi provides job descriptions for all roles including Apprentice and Audi Technician, based on researching the activities that high quality employees will be expected to perform.

By formalising and sharing these processes, Audi UK helps improve quality to make customer service consistent across the network of franchises. Centres are able to utilise a central Recruitment Service to help attract and select talented individuals for their businesses.

Staff development and training

Training is the process of enabling employees to develop the skills, which allow them to better contribute to meeting the organisation's objectives. For Audi this includes acquiring the skills that enable employees to deliver its Brand values and to keep abreast with technological change.

In contrast, development is concerned with enabling individuals to meet their own personal needs - e.g. for more education. More often than not, personal development needs can be tied into organisational objectives.

The emphasis placed on training and development at Audi means that:

  • Audi UK benefits from having highly skilled people who are able to enhance the Audi Brand.
  • Audi Centres benefit from having high quality, enterprising and motivated employees who are confident, independent and provide a high quality service.
  • Customers benefit from knowing that they will always come first and that their expectations will be exceeded by highly skilled Technicians and other Audi Centre team members.
  • Employees benefit through the identification of their development needs and then developing the skills that enable them to become more effective and motivated.

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