Investing in people and in brands
An Audi UK case study

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Page 5: Conclusion

Audi recognises the benefits of recruiting appropriate staff and having well-led, well-trained, well-motivated people who are happy in their work. Those who work in a team with like-minded colleagues are better able to deliver the level of service customers deserve.

At the heart of the Audi Centre network lies an industry leading recruitment, selection, training and development programme enabling progression within the individual Centres. Recruitment is based on identifying people who are most likely to fit the Audi culture and who can be developed to delight customers within the Audi Brand.

Audi wants Centres to recruit employees who are prepared to work as a team and seek to develop themselves while contributing to the success of a premium company. Employees are continually seeking to develop themselves, while improving customer service in line with the Audi Brand values.

Audi UK | Investing in people and in brands