Growing a brand in an unbranded market
An Avery case study

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Page 5: Creating customer awareness and loyalty

Avery 6 Image 7The company uses a variety of means to raise customer awareness of the AVERY brand and its products. These include:

  • Advertising - Sending messages through the media to inform or influence the people who receive them.
  • Distribution - The process of making goods available for consumers.
  • Consumer support -Providing a range of services both before and after sales have taken place to ensure that customers are happy with the products they have purchased.
  • Consumer loyalty- Developing long-term relationship with customers.
  • Trade support- Providing the help that distributors require to enter and develop markets.
  • An active web site - Providing information and enablement through free software downloads.

Another of the means by which to create brand awareness is through Alliances, which include templates within software products. For example, opening Microsoft Word and looking under tools, envelopes and labels, will reveal the company’s product codes. This ensures that the AVERY brand is brought to the attention of PC users. Alliances and joint activities of this kind have been arranged with other related software producers.

Since 1995 Avery Dennison has run annual brand awareness campaigns. Typical media for these campaigns have included the following advertising exercises:

  • on tube and escalator panels throughout London Underground
  • on sides of buses in Birmingham, Manchester and Leeds
  • in national and regional newspapers
  • in the office and secretarial press.

Avery | Growing a brand in an unbranded market