Calculating the risks in making investment decisions
A BG Group case study

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The gas industry is today in the private and public sector and there are a number of companies competing in the industry. Some of these companies are government owned. Others are owned by private shareholders who appoint directors to represent their interest. The directors appoint professional managers to run the business. Like electricity and telecommunications, gas is a 'network industry'. In the case of gas, consumers are linked to a central network of gas pipelines.

Gas chain and various linksBG Group is an integrated business in that it has activities across the whole range of gas operations, from the reservoir to the customer. BG Group's exploration and production (E&P) business finds and develops gas reserves.

Natural gas is delivered to customers either by BG Group's transmission and distribution (T&D) business using pipelines or by the liquefied natural gas (LNG) business via LNG ships. BG Group's power business focuses on the creation of electricity by natural gas-fired power generation plants. The illustration shows the gas chain indicating the various links in an integrated business involved in bringing gas to final consumers.

Demand for gasDemand for gas is projected to grow at an increasing rate over the next decade, outstripping the growth in demand for other major sources of energy.  As an energy source, gas is a relatively clean fossil fuel, abundant and is increasingly becoming the fuel of choice for consumers, on both environmental and economic grounds.

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