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A BIC case study

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BIC® is one of the global brands whose brand name is closely associated with the company's products e.g. BIC biros. In the modern world, brands can be as important as the products they represent; a well recognised brand with a strong reputation gives consumers confidence.

The company launched its first product, the BIC Cristal® ballpoint pen, in 1950. Now BIC is one of the world's best-known trademarks. Over 22 million BIC stationery products are sold each day, making it the world's best-selling ball-pen, 4 million lighters and 11 million shavers.

Still respecting the company's vision 'To make top quality, affordable products available to everyone', today BIC is a global organisation, selling products in 167 countries and employing 9,000 people worldwide. In 2002 BIC's turnover was 1.5 billion euros (about £1.1 billion). The company looks to build on its portfolio of classic icon products whilst developing new, imaginative, desirable ones.

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