No 7 - the relaunch of a brand
A Boots case study

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Page 5: Advertising

Boots 2 Image 3The TV approach was a new departure for No 7 and also for cosmetics and the skincare market. It reflected a style which would be impactful and noticed. It was visually very rich. The central character was portrayed in a series of scenarios, all of which were directed and aspirational for the target market. She was shown as a confident, independent individual who enjoyed life to the full. Ultimately, she was a woman’s woman - someone the target market would like to emulate - a woman who is not over-concerned with her effect on men or their place in her life.

The advertisement finished with the endline ‘be extraordinary not ordinary’ - indicating that women could reach any level of extraordinariness by either changing their daily routine or by being totally outrageous. Clear branding was emphasised by using the new pack shots at the end of the commercial. Ultimately, the advertising succeeded in projecting the aims of the relaunch – to make No 7 premium and accessible by being more:

  • upmarket
  • interesting
  • exciting
  • relevant and contemporary.

The press campaign was planned as a support medium capturing the sensuality of the brand. A series of adverts featuring key products were placed in the popular monthly women’s magazines including Vogue, Elle and Cosmopolitan. They reached 60% of the target market of females from socioeconomic groups BC1 aged between 20 and 35. A press launch was held on October 6th 1994 to raise the awareness of a large number of beauty and fashion journalists from leading UK national magazines.


Boots stores operate two types of display. Mass market brands are housed in self selection units which are free standing and allow customers to browse with no specialised assistance. Premium brands are situated on counters and arranged in such a way as to allow customers to be assisted by specialised brand consultants.

Before relaunch, No 7 had been situated on counters or in self selection units. No 7 had 300 consultants in key stores. The stores without consultants were either self selection sites or utilised Boots Sales Assistants. It was felt that in order to portray a premium image, all counter sites must have a dedicated consultant. To achieve this goal a training programme was initiated which increased the numbers of fully trained consultants to 745 by July 1996.

Boots | No 7 - the relaunch of a brand