Building a photographic system around the user


In its simplest form marketing answers the question – What does the customer want to buy? A key definition of marketing is: Marketing is the anticipation and identification of consumer wants and needs in order to meet these needs and to make a profit. This case study models this marketing process. It shows how the world’s leading name in imaging researched and produced the photographic system that consumers asked for. The case shows how an intelligent organisation can combine its market research antenna and its technological know-how and product development capability to make a product that pleases customers. Market research involves systematically finding out from consumers what their needs and requirements are. Technological know-how involves being able to apply the latest knowledge in a practical way. Product development capability is the ability to bring on stream the products that provide consumers with the benefits which they want a product to have. Constant change Consumers’ wants and needs are changing all the time. As consumers become more sophisticated they want products to do more than the ones they currently have available to them – they want computers that work faster and are able to perform more operations, they want cars which…

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