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Page 4: Management

15_british-gas-apprentices-Theorist Henri Fayol identified a good system to help managers work effectively. Fayol proposed that the five key functions of management are:

  • planning
  • organising
  • commanding
  • co-ordinating
  • controlling.

Within British Gas, each individual operates as a member of a team. The head of a team is a team manager who has a range of supervisory duties. These include monitoring the performance oftheir team members.

At British Gas the team managers are referred to as service managers. Service managers are well-skilled and motivated individuals. As managers, they need a range of knowledge and understanding of job roles within their teams. They also require an understanding of the strategies that could be used to identify solutions to meet customers’ needs.

Manager skills

Service managers of electrical and technical service engineers need to organise routines in order to meet the needs of customers. They must also positively promote British Gas and its products. Their expert knowledge helps them to provide customers with sound advice that opens up opportunities to create new business. Occasionally, they have to deal with customer complaints. This is why customer service and good communication skills are of great importance to this role.

As leaders of a team, all service managers within British Gas set personal and group targets for employees within their span of control. They also communicate their ideas and thoughts to members of the team, to other service managers and to operational managers. At all times they need to maintain good working relationships with team members. Being able to communicate effectively and keep focused on strong customer relations helps them to manage their workload effectively.

Some of the benefits of being a service manager include:

  • a competitive salary
  • performance related bonuses
  • good pension provision.

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