Building a competitive advantage
A Bryant Homes case study

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Page 6: Conclusion

Bryant Homes 7 Image 7Bryant Homes operates in a highly competitive environment that has recently been reshaped by PPG3. The company has had to develop a new strategy to ensure its premium position in the market.  It is not enough simply to provide the best product at a particular moment in time; it is also vital to have a clear set of objectives and sense of purpose that enables the company to have clear and focused communication with all its stakeholders in a way that inspires confidence.

Recently, Bryant has improved its communications process by developing a sophisticated new website.  It has also engaged in national advertising campaigns aimed at putting across the message using the strapline. ‘Anything else is just a house’.  This conveys the message that the company is far more than a home builder: it is a creator of living environments based on communal areas, views, environmental layout, local sensitivity and neighbourliness as well as the traditional factors of price, availability and location.

Bryant is now communicating a much clearer message to stakeholders about how it is different from rivals and how the company has a clear understanding of the importance of creating homes that are not merely bricks and mortar; they are complete living environments.

Bryant Homes | Building a competitive advantage