Using IT in sales and marketing
A Bryant Homes case study

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Page 3: Monitoring the website

Bryant Homes 7 Image 1It is essential to critically evaluate the success of the website. When Internet surfers make a 'hit' (visit to the site) they are providing useful marketing information for the host site. Therefore, a monitoring and analysis system runs in parallel to the website. The system provides information on the:

  • country of origin of the enquiry
  • most popular area of the website
  • least popular area of the website
  • individual 'sessions'
  • duration of a typical 'session'
  • number of hits
  • number of leads
  • number of sales.

Bryant has many reasons as to why it is essential to understand the user base. To:

  • create on-going relationships with users
  • build traffic
  • build commerce
  • develop marketing, content and communication strategy
  • achieve and enhance tangible/intangible objectives
  • enable it to follow up customer leads.

Pursuing a sales opportunity is known as following a 'lead'. An important benefit of a lead resulting from the website is that customers pre-qualify the lead themselves by indicating the:

  • number of bedrooms they require
  • price range of the property they are looking for
  • type of property
  • area of their choice
  • when they are hoping to move.

This information helps Bryant Homes to understand the profile of its customers and to respond to the lead by providing information carefully directed to the customer’s requirements. This can help to reduce costs as irrelevant information is not sent out to the customer. This makes sure that customer expectations are exceeded.

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