Using IT to energise sales and marketing
A Bryant Homes case study

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Page 5: Website functionality

Bryant Homes 7 Image 6The website was designed on the same platform as the Intranet and the Bryant Homes’ product portfolio CD-ROM so that integration between the two was easy. The design planning process for the website took two months and the construction process six weeks.

Whilst much of the artwork and design was carried out externally, the website was largely an in-house development which involved the IT and marketing departments within Bryant Homes working closely together. Though it was possible to put a range of interactive multi-media facilities on the website, it was decided to keep the file sizes small so that downloading times could be kept to a minimum.

Monitoring and analysis

An investment in any new facility needs to be monitored. When Internet surfers make a ‘hit’ (visit to the site) they are providing useful marketing information for the host site. A monitoring and analysis system runs in parallel to the website. The system provides information on:

  • the country of origin of the enquiry
  • the most popular area of the website
  • the least popular area of the website
  • individual ‘sessions’
  • the duration of a typical ‘session’
  • the number of hits
  • the number of leads
  • the number of sales.

The lead management system

Pursuing a sales opportunity is known as following a ‘lead’. When a lead is identified from the website it goes into the lead management system where it is dealt with.

An important benefit of a lead resulting from the website is that customers pre-qualify the lead themselves by indicating the number of bedrooms they require, the price range of the property they are looking for, the type of property, the area of their choice and when they are looking to move. It helps Bryant Homes to respond to the lead by providing focused and targeted information carefully directed to the customer’s needs and requirements.

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