Developing the skills for managing change
A Chartered Management Institute case study

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Page 1: Introduction

Cmi 17 Image 5Change is something that happens in businesses all of the time. Change can occur in an organisation’s internal or external environment. As a result, this process of change is constant. Change management looks at the drivers of change in the business environment.

Effective managers are proactive in creating solutions to improve the organisation’s performance. They must then manage employees through the change process. It is in the interest of managers to try to predict the changes that are likely to take place. In other words, they have to plan and drive change initiatives. This involves managing the change process and making it part of an organisation’s strategy. Strategies help a business achieve its aims and objectives. This then helps businesses to develop in a more focused way to the environment in which it operates, whilst facing new challenges with more certainty.

Organisations require skilled and well qualified managers and leaders to drive change initiatives and effectively manage employees through the process. The only chartered professional body within the UK dedicated to creating high quality standards for management and leadership is the Chartered Management Institute (CMI). It has around 90,000 members and 400 business members and has been providing advice that supports individuals and businesses for more than 60 years.

The products and services CMI provides support the development of managers and leaders in both the public and private sector. This case study illustrates how CMI supports the development of effective managers. Effective managers are vital when implementing change within a business.

Cmi 17 Image 8The core purpose of CMI is to increase the number of professionally qualified managers. This is vital because within ten years the UK will need to fill nearly one million new management and leadership roles. These new managers will face many different economic and social challenges. These challenges must be proactively managed to anticipate where and when changes within the organisation may be necessary. To meet these challenges they will require a range of management and leadership skills and qualifications.

Campus CMI

To ensure that schools and colleges are able to shape and develop future managers and leaders, CMI have created Campus CMI. The resources provided by Campus CMI help to deliver management qualifications. These are designed to shape the managers and leaders of the future. In doing so, they help to develop talented individuals who are able to manage the process of change effectively.

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