Applying the personal touch to financial services
A Co-operative Insurance Society case study

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Page 4: Communication

Important as it is, personal selling is only one element in the CIS marketing mix. To be completely successful, it is vital that this activity is integrated with the other elements of the marketing communications mix - advertising and sponsorship, public relations and direct marketing. Direct marketing supports the face-to-face communication of the salesforce with customers. CIS has invested heavily in information technology, and computer database facilities allow it to target potential and existing audiences with regular communications to help maintain a dialogue.

Advertising, particularly perimeter advertising at leading football, rugby and cricket grounds, provides high profile nationwide coverage for CIS. Public relations activity and CISÕs sponsorship deal with Blackburn Rovers also increases awareness of CIS among the general public, raises its profile and motivates staff. In this way each of the elements in the communications mix reinforces the other to emphasise and promote the CIS brand. That is why CIS remains one of the UKÕs best-known insurance companies.

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