Making the world's best known product
A Coca-Cola Great Britain case study

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Page 8: Guaranteeing the quality of the product

The manufacture of Coca-Cola is carried out by a set of processes called continuous flow production. On a production line, a process is continually repeated and identical products go through the same sequence of operations.Continuous flow production takes this one step further by using computer-controlled automatic equipment to produce goods 24 hours a day.

The Company and its franchisees use Total Quality Management procedures that encourage everyone in the plant to think about quality in everything they do. Every employee sets out to satisfy customers and places them at the heart of the production process. By continually seeking to improve every aspect of production, employees are able to eliminate problems.

Throughout the production process, quality control personnel monitor the product and take test samples. To guarantee that there are no errors, quality control inspectors take statistically selected samples at the end of the production line.

Using chemical analysis, these inspectors can guarantee that the product meets the exact specifications; they also check that there are no faults in the packaging. A 'fill height detector' uses an electronic eye to ensure that the cans are filled to the right quantity. Cans that are not properly filled are rejected.

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