Innovation in infant nutrition
A Cow & Gate case study

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Page 3: New product development

Cow Gate 7 Image 5Product development is the process of moving on products from the ideas and research stage to a final product ready to be launched on the market. Many companies develop products on the basis of customer market research. They discover:

  • what customers are currently buying and why
  • what products customers would like to see available that are not currently available
  • how existing products might be improved.

For the nutrition industry, this type of approach to developing new products does not go far enough. This is because development to improve human welfare needs to be based on scientific research and on clinical testing as well as on consultation with consumers and health professionals.

Nutritional science at Numico

Numico’s relationships with the scientific and health communities are essential to its business. The company’s main nutritional research centre is in Wageningen, the ‘cradle of food technology’ in the Netherlands. The centre is one of the most important in Europe in the area of nutrition and nutritional components. Research focuses chiefly on two key questions:

  • How does a particular nutritional process actually work?
  • What effect do products that use this process have on human organs?

Through research, companies aim tofurther promote health through the development of high-quality products. Numico uses science and research to develop new products to help those most in need as well as to produce health supplements that help people to enjoy a healthier life.

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