Establishing a diversity initiative
A Cummins case study

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Page 7: Creating Better Solutions

The Diversity Initiative has ensured that, in seeking a wider and more talented selection of recruits, Cummins has focused broadly upon demographic groups.

Recruitment has taken place using non-traditional sources such as a range of external agencies as well as the Internet. The process has helped to break down the stereotypical view of Cummins as a 'traditional' manufacturing organisation.

One of the key benefits of this form of diversity is that the experiences and backgrounds of the recruits is very diverse and covers many experiences. This means that the process creates a 'constructive tension' encouraging employees working together to think of different, and sometimes new and better, solutions to both technical and business problems.

As a result, this process improves both the capability of the company and its competitive position within key markets.

Cummins | Establishing a diversity initiative