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Cummins Case Studies

Powering forward with a new vision

This case study outlines ways in which it is possible to change the culture of an organisation so that it retains what it sees...

Establishing a diversity initiative

In a rapidly changing business environment decision-takers in large organisations are recognising that, in order for their company to succeed, they need to develop...

Online connectivity to meet stakeholder needs

Web opportunities By exploiting opportunities offered by both the Internet and intranet, Cummins has pioneered some innovative methods to enhance communications with its employees and...

Using effective recruitment to retain a competitive advantage

Cummins - a leader in the market for power Operating in B2B markets, Cummins is a leading world-wide designer and manufacturer of high performance diesel...

Using six sigma statistical thinking to improve business processes

It is easy to identify key competitors in a market by their goods or services. These products clearly meet customer needs in terms of...

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