Establishing a diversity initiative
A Cummins case study

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Page 5: Joe Mukwala

Joe Mukwala is the Cummins Regional Manager for Southern Africa. He believes that a key part of the Diversity programme is its emphasis upon education and training. In fact, without this Joe feels that the process of diversity would simply be tokenism. For example, members of the disadvantaged communities, particularly in Southern Africa, who are not given access to education and training would only have limited opportunities despite being in employment.

Prior to joining Cummins, Joe was an active member of the ANC. When he joined the company as an apprentice in 1989, he was invited to the UK to train and develop his educational background. Studying at both college and university, alongside work, provided a fundamental grounding for senior management within the group and included obtaining an MSc. in Mechanical Engineering.

Joining Cummins Johannesburg regional office in 1996 was a key time for Joe. The modern post-apartheid South Africa faced huge challenges. One of his first actions was to develop a diversity initiative that would deliberately target able people from the historically disadvantaged communities. The process involved recruiting talented apprentices, and like Joe years before, focusing upon their training and development.

As a result both Cummins and its practices have become well-known within Southern Africa, not just for its recruitment and development programme, but also for its ability to access and gain the most from the talents of its people.

Cummins | Establishing a diversity initiative