Recruitment and selection at Enterprise Rent-A-Car
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Page 3: Attracting applicants

Promoting managers and offering career opportunities from within the company has a positive affect on Enterprise. Employees remain happy, will stay longer and give their best. However, with growth and diversification there is always a need for external recruitment to provide new skills or increase the business capacity for expansion.

In order to attract high quality candidates, Enterprise is raising the company profile within UK universities using Campus Brand Managers. These are students or interns who work for Enterprise and act as liaisons for potential applicants. Other activities in universities to attract interested applicants include:

  • presentations on the company
  • relationships with clubs and organisations
  • attending Careers Fairs
  • 'drop-in' sessions
  • skills sessions and
  • mentoring programmes.

Students can also visit Enterprise and spend time learning about how it does business and what opportunities it offers.

Enterprise offers a good salary and training as part of its benefits. However, the real attraction is the chance of a career rather than just a job. Most employees start out as Management Trainees with the potential to progress to Vice President/General Manager.

Employees also have opportunities to specialise in specific areas such as finance, human resource management, vehicle acquisition, risk management and many others. This allows individuals to develop their career path as they progress within the company.

Enterprise makes every effort to ensure that its workforce is representative of the cultural and ethnic diversity in the wider population. Job advertisements state: 'Enterprise Rent-A-Car seeks and values people of all backgrounds because every employee, customer and business partner is important. We are proud to be an equal opportunities employer.'

Through its 11 local UK and Irish teams supporting recruitment, Enterprise ensures that the staff in its branches reflect the areas they serve. This helps to develop a 'culturally aware' workforce.


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