Developing vision and values to build a market strategy
An Eversheds case study

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Page 2: Accountable Relationships through vision and values

Eversheds imageThe re-branding exercise offered an opportunity for Eversheds to ensure it was delivering the service its clients needed. Prior to the exercise, the needs of the clients were being met in a variety of ways across the group of firms. It was important to understand which aspects of these approaches were working best and could be adapted for the new single organisation.

Examples of best practice were identified through consultation. This involved:

  • drawing upon existing information across the firm
  • bringing in outside consultants (Landor) to provide expertise in brand
  • using focus groups and face-to-face interviews with clients and staff.

Landor's research included:

  • Primary research - this involved first-hand research. Landor interviewed clients and staff using focus groups.
  • Secondary research - this is sometimes known as desk-research as it involves collecting information that is already available. Landor collected information about Eversheds' policies and practices.

Through this research the concept of Accountable Relationships was developed and implemented across the firm.

It involved two aspects:

  • Although the firm had always been client focused, it would now focus on providing the right team for the client and one that really understood the client business.
  • Realising the importance clients put on controlling their legal costs, Eversheds would implement a system where every piece of work was scoped and planned in advance to allow for cost predictability, accurate timescales and focus on the best outcome for the client.

Accountable Relationships has enabled Eversheds to provide a unique service which provided a genuine long-term commitment to its clients and offered them control of their legal spend and predictability of outcome.

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