Developing vision and values to build a market strategy
An Eversheds case study

Page 5: Communicating values for staff

Eversheds imageTo make sure the Eversheds market strategy was effective, it was important that all staff understood the vision and learnt to share the values. This process was undertaken through internal communication.

Communication involves:

  • The message - this must be something everybody can understand
  • The medium - how the message is conveyed
  • The receiver - the person being targeted by the communication
  • Feedback - so the sender knows the communication has been effective.

Every organisation uses many different methods to communicate with its staff.

Face-to-face methods might include meetings, interviews and reviews or by using new methods such as video-conferencing. Written methods might include e-mails, reports, notice-boards and in-house magazines.

As Eversheds' offices are spread all over the world, a variety of techniques are used to communicate the vision and values. For example, face-to-face methods included:

  • annual general meetings open for all staff
  • roadshows
  • staff feedback directly to managers
  • team meetings
  • staff appraisals.

Written methods of communicating the vision and values included a range of published literature within the organisation, as well as the Eversheds website.

Eversheds | Developing vision and values to build a market strategy


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