Developing vision and values to build a market strategy
An Eversheds case study

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Page 3: Developing vision and values

Eversheds imageIn service industries, an organisation can develop differentiation from its competitors by understanding what their customers really want and then providing it. However, customer expectations are sometimes difficult to understand and that's why Eversheds felt the need to invest heavily in research before redeveloping its brand.

By developing Accountable Relationships, Eversheds put clients at the heart of what it wanted to do. It has invested in a process of Client Relationship Management that builds a bond with its clients. This helps clients feel confident with the service being provided and encourage them to return if they require other legal services.

In order to deliver Accountable Relationships, staff behaviour had to be focused on the same goals. This is why Eversheds developed its vision and values.

Research led to Eversheds' vision which is: "To be a great place to work and the most client centred international law firm."  This was the overall goal of everyone at the firm. The values are designed to show how Eversheds would achieve it's goal on an everyday level - the beliefs that underpin how it operates.

Eversheds created six values from its research, which are:

  1. 'Client centred - we will look after our clients' interests as if they were our own. We will deliver levels of service and build relationships that are second to none.
  2. Straightforward - we will be straightforward, open and honest in all our dealings and we will act with utmost integrity.
  3. Teamwork - we will place the firm's interests ahead of the agenda of any individual. We will act as one firm, recognising the different important contributions we each make.
  4. Mutual respect - we will take care of each other and we will treat everyone with respect, fairness and courtesy. We will recognise the need to balance personal and business lives.
  5. Accountability - we will take responsibility for problems and strive to always find solutions to the issues faced by our clients and colleagues.
  6. Continuous improvement - we will embrace change and challenge the status quo, always seeking to find better ways of doing things.'

Vision and values helps employees to understand that relationships are the centre of Eversheds' approach to doing business.

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