Developing vision and values to build a market strategy
An Eversheds case study

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Page 4: Market startegy

Eversheds imageA market strategy is a plan that provides Eversheds with the means and direction to deliver its brand for its clients, using vision and values as its driving force. The plan helped to:

  • Identify what products and services Eversheds can provide for its clients.
  • Change the way staff at Eversheds work, taking into account the values of the business.
  • Create business models that provide the basis for a new way of working.
  • Be very clear on what clients it wants to work for.
  • Provide a consistent way of working to ensure the client knows what they are likely to experience during every contact with the firm.

This helps to strengthen client relationships.

'Networked Law' - The Eversheds delivery solution

Rather than be gradually pushed into changing work practices, Eversheds instigated an innovative way of working called 'Networked Law', which is available at every office. This involves:

  • Centres of excellence to bring together areas of expertise.
  • Every regional office will provide core advice that is consistent across the group. Eversheds lets clients know costs and deliverables in advance putting the client in control.
  • Providing a flexible approach and cost structure to match client priorities.
  • Putting the right team together to fit client needs.
  • Offering specialist services at premium prices.

This means that Eversheds offers clients the best possible range of services, including the chance to economise on routine work. It helps the firm compete with both local and larger firms by drawing on its breadth of knowledge and expertise from its many offices.

Eversheds | Developing vision and values to build a market strategy