Relocating A Gala Club
A Gala Group case study


Where managers decide to locate business units is one of the most important influences on the performance of any developing business. For nearly all types of business organisations, locating a business unit is not a decision that is taken lightly today and then changed next year. Issues associated with either locating or re-locating a business are essentially long-term, with decisions made today having implications for many years to come.

As location decisions have this long-term effect, they are usually complex, carefully measured and based upon a range of different sources of data. Many different factors influence the final decision that is made. This case study focuses upon the relocation of a Gala Club within Ashton, in the North-west of England. It shows how selecting the best site for relocation involved analysing a Membership Information Database Analysis System (MIDAS) and a demographic profile of the area.

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