Staying ahead by meeting changing consumer needs
A Heinz case study

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Page 5: New partnerships

Successful firms are always looking for creative partnerships that offer benefits to all parties. Heinz recently joined forces with Walkers to create a new and unique flavoured crisp: Heinz Tomato Ketchup flavour. This type of innovation brings together two well-known brands, enabling a food manufacturer like Heinz to extend out of its traditional markets.

New promotions

Heinz 7 Image 5To serve fast-moving consumer goods markets within an ever-increasing fragmented media environment, firms need to set up a mix of communication routes that have the ability to reach specific target audiences.

For example, as a core icon product Heinz Salad Cream became relevant to a whole new generation of consumers following its relaunch in March 2000. A range of quirky 30-second TV commercials was created in spring 2001 to support Heinz Salad Cream, in which Heinz is depicted as the gold standard in salad creams in a humorous and memorable way – "There is only one salad cream worth tasting and that’s Heinz Salad Cream Vintage 1914!".

A new web-site has also been created to complement the brand re-positioning as well as the TV advertisements – thus providing a mix of communication routes, which complement the brand message.

Heinz | Staying ahead by meeting changing consumer needs