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Heinz Case Studies

Reinventing the organisation – Heinz Europe

The business writer, Charles Handy, illustrates the need for organisations to reinvent themselves by the sigmoid curve - effectively an ‘S’ shape on its...

Staying Ahead By Meeting Changing Consumer Needs

Consumers’ buying habits reflect their personality, income, age, lifestyle and aspirations. What people want to buy changes over the years. Many consumers constantly seek...

Innovation at Heinz

At one time, certain businesses operated in static environments, whereas others operated in dynamic environments. Today, the majority of businesses operate in a dynamic...

Developing a uniform global marketing presence

It is easy to think of global products and brand names: Coca-Cola, Mars, and Nestlé are obvious examples in the food and drink line,...

Relaunching a product

Food manufacturing is becoming increasingly competitive. Consumers can now choose from a wide variety of products. Choice and price competition means that manufacturers can...

Building brand equity at Heinz

Organisations should learn from the past but not live in the past. This case study focuses on the way in which Heinz decided to...

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