Turning waste into wealth
An ICI case study

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Page 6: Conclusion

These by-products can now benefit sustainable development in their countries of origin and create significant world-wide economic opportunities. In the future, the agricultural belts of Europe, the Americas and Asia will show increased economic prosperity, job opportunities and the expansion of the farmer’s one harvest economy into two.

Today, demand for ECO-Binding Technology products outstrips production - some production plants have back-orders of up to five years. In order to meet existing market demands and continue expanding the market, ICI is now shifting its focus from proving the viability of these new products to serving the needs of the pioneering companies that helped build this success. In the coming years, efforts will be made to expand the use of ECO-Binding Technology products in the kitchen and bathroom markets, to serve the needs of existing customers by increasing the number of production plants.

ICI | Turning waste into wealth