The Absolute. Tour
An Independent Insurance case study

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Page 3: The Absolute. Tour philosophy

Independent Insurance 5 Image 1Independent Insurance is one of the most dynamic companies in this country. This is particularly reflected in the growth of its turnover in recent years, and the popularity of its shares on the Stock Market. Independent Insurance has set itself the target of having an income from insurance premiums of £2.5 billion by 2002. Premiums are the sums of money that people taking out insurance pay into an insurance fund to protect themselves against a 'rainy day' when they might have to make claims.

Independent Insurance recognises that the way to build on success is through maintaining unique relationships with its clients the brokers, so that brokers feel valued and possess a joint sense of responsibility for the success of Independent Insurance.

Independent Insurance has therefore set out to create a partnership with brokers by listening carefully to what they have to say, their beliefs and values, and what their goals are on an individual basis. Armed with this understanding, Independent Insurance is best placed to create a tailor-made approach to support the efforts of each broker. Independent Insurance also seeks to ensure that brokers have a clear understanding of any new products that are being introduced so that the brokers and the company can jointly pool their efforts to ensure that these products are a success.

The Absolute. Tour is not the first time that Independent has taken to the roads to meet directly with its brokers. At the end of the 1980s it engaged in a similar tour - but in a very low-tech way. During the mid-1990s it had followed this up by regular invitations to brokers to meet Independent Insurance managers in hotel and country house locations. This approach was frequently copied by rival companies, so that there was no clear point of differentiation.

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