Using sponsorship to increase brand awareness
An Infiniti case study

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Page 6: Conclusion

It is important for organisations to find the right balance for its marketing and communications mix. Integrating the elements of the mix is vitally important to ensure appropriate promotional activities are used to link the brand with target consumers’ interests. For Infiniti, the linkage to Red Bull Racing and brand ambassador, three times Formula One World Champion, Sebastian Vettel fit perfectly with the company’s brand promise of ‘Inspired Performance’.

Infiniti continually improves and extends its marketing strategies through constantly evaluating its promotional activities. Evaluation is essential to:

  • assess which promotional activities are effective
  • ensure the marketing mix is balanced
  • establish if the marketing objectives have been achieved.

For Infiniti, evaluating its marketing activities takes many forms. Printed media coverage is Infiniti 18 Image 12evaluated through volume of press cuttings while evaluation of TV exposure from its partnership with Red Bull Racing is carried out on a race-by-race basis. An independent sport marketing survey gives a report on the exposure of the brand throughout each race (IFM Sports Marketing Surveys). Since the partnership first started the visibility of the brand in Formula OneInfiniti 18 Image 6 has risen from zero to 4th in 2011, up to 2nd place in 2012, with Red Bull being consistently the most visible brand. The statistics make it possible to compare exposure at different locations. For example, at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, Infiniti had a 7.9% share of exposure amongst all sponsors. For this race it was measured as the top of the car (with 43.1%), followed by the driver’s overalls and front torso (with 15.5%) which yielded the greatest TV coverage of the brand’s logo. This information was analysed to try and increase exposure in the following race.

Infiniti also used additional evaluation data sources to further its understanding of the impact its F1 partnership with Red Bull Racing was having. Its success was demonstrated through OMD Global Snapshots Survey findings, such as:

  • A 30% uplift in consumer perception from June to December 2011.
  • Consideration to visit an Infiniti dealership improved 27% globally.

These results illustrate clearly how Infiniti has developed an effective marketing mix to help it achieve its growth objectives and how it is striving to adapt its marketing activities to increase brand awareness.

Infiniti | Using sponsorship to increase brand awareness