Identifying and creating new markets - a new strategy for a global leader
An Intel case study

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Page 3: Launching a new strategy

When an organisation changes, it is important to communicate the nature of that change so that everyone knows about it. Typically, this means:

  • externally to customers, partners, suppliers, the media, etc
  • internally to staff.

On January 5th, 2006 Intel launched its new strategy at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

Old and new logo

The high-profile launch featured the hip-hop band Black Eyed Peas, with the hit single 'Let's get it started'. A key part was the unveiling of a new corporate logo. A logo is a visual representation of what a company stands for. The new logo sets out clearly that Intel is moving forward. The swirl around it signifies movement. The strapline 'Intel.Leap aheadTM' has been introduced. The launch was backed by a multi-million dollar advertising and marketing campaign.

Today Intel's communication messages show it is at the leading edge of technology. Intel's marketing focus is on helping consumers to understand in a clear way how new technologies can help them to live better lives.

Intel's values are straightforward, they involve:

  • being prepared to take risks
  • operating in a disciplined way
  • focusing on achieving great results e.g. high performance, sales, and profits.

Great results are achieved through developing the right products for the right markets before competitors do so.

Intel | Identifying and creating new markets - a new strategy for a global leader