Using advertising to connect with consumers
A Jeyes case study

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Page 4: Creative advertising

Jeyes 7 Image 4Since 1981, Bloo had been supported sporadically through a series of television campaigns that centred on the character of a ‘talking loo’. Not all TV regions had carried these campaigns. Research showed that although consumers had only faint memories of the campaign (it had not been active for 5 years) many remembered the creative loo character. Jeyes felt that this could be the starting point for developing a new campaign.

Genuinely creative TV advertisements can attract attention and have great impact. They also have the advantage of demonstrating to a huge audience the product actually in use. Better still, the growth of specialist cable and satellite channels has created specific
audiences that can be targeted. Faced with this promising prospect, a creative team developed the ‘talking loo’ character. He was given a camp and slightly ‘affected’ approach; Julian Clary supplied the voice-over. Most important, the character was developed in a way that encouraged humour and wit. Significantly, the team decided against ‘toilet humour’. This decision enhanced the appeal of the advertising.

The camp male person of the toilet allowed the attributes of the products to be set out in a witty, cheeky, entertaining fashion. This approach was seen to connect with housewives in particular. More importantly, however, the advertising brought the Bloo brand up-to-date. The kind of language employed in the script had moved on from the ‘Carry-On’ tone of previous commercials to reflect a more modern version of camp humour.

Advertising strategy

Two 20-second commercials were created, each of which featured one of the latest Bloo products. The proposition for each of the commercials was rooted in the benefits that each of the variants delivered: ‘continuous cleaning’ for Bloo ‘N’ Bleach and ‘clean citrus aroma’ for Citrus Bloo.

However, the advert had to do more than describe how well the products performed. It needed also to convey the idea that freshness is the essence of the Bloo brand. This notion of freshness held together both the rational and emotional aspects of Bloo. On the one hand, freshness is what the product actually delivers to the toilet environment. At the same time, a series of modern, colourful, animated, amusing adverts brought a freshness of their own.

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