Vision, values and their influence on business strategy
A National Express case study

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An aspirational vision and an ambitious strategy are all tools for business growth. Most companies need to grow to stay in business and having the right strategy is a way that enables a business to achieve growth. Business growth can be realised by increasing market share, new product or service development as well as diversifying into different markets, all of which can improve profitability.

The way National Express acts as a business embodies their Vision and Value and has a positive impact on its consumers, communities and the environment. By implementing its Youth Promise, National Express Coach is able to grow in the following ways:

  • Increased perception as a responsible business
  • Potential new revenue streams
  • New business opportunities as a result of all the
  • Exposure to new customers’.

With its premier position in the market, National Express Coach needs to ensure that as the business grows its services remain relevant, respected and appealing to consumers.As a public transport company National Express is constantly looking at reducing its emissions through a series of low carbon sustainable, innovative transport improvement plans whilst delivering a high-quality on-board experience. To achieve this the company continually invests in its fleet, replacing vehicles every seven years. Most coaches have leather reclining seats, working power sockets, wi-fi and air conditioning.

Our services make an important contribution in reducing carbon emissions from travel because buses, coaches and trains produce fewer emissions per passenger kilometre than other forms of transport such as car or air travel. The CO2 emissions per passenger kilometre in coach travel are around 80% less than those of the average new car. Emissions from our vehicles constitute around 93% of our carbon footprint. ’

National Express | Vision, values and their influence on business strategy


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