The power of love
A Nestlé case study

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Page 9: The new storyline

The new storyline once again focused on the 'Sophisticated Romance.' However, instead of a story of a couple brought together through the coffee, but kept apart by events, it was the classic battle between romance (and Gold Blend) on the one hand and material wealth on the other, represented by two male suitors.

Taking another leaf from the television programme makers' books, the advertising agency ran a trailer ad for the new campaign in the summer of 1993, as the first commercial which was to appear in November, 1993. By early 1996 the second series had run for six episodes and had proved on all key measures - awareness, appeal, involvement, brand awareness, and sales - to be building on the success of the first.

Sales are now over 60higher in volume terms than before the campaign started, over a period in which there has been no growth in the instant coffee market, as a whole. By 1996, Gold Blend had a 13share of the overall market, making it the second biggest brand behind Nescafé granules. Research indicated that the aim of the second series, to promote Gold Blend among a younger target audience, was working. Between 1986 and 1993, market penetration grew by 46among over 45s but by only 4among under 45s. Since 1993, the pattern has changed. From 1993 to 1996, penetration grew by 14among over 45s and 15among under 45s.