Managing change through training and development
A Network Rail case study

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Page 6: Conclusion

Network Rail 17 Image 7From a position where public confidence was low, Network Rail has improved rail efficiency and customer satisfaction. Whilst keeping safety as its central focus, it has also invested in the future. Network Rail has dramatically increased the punctuality of its services and aims to continue to improve on this success.

Part of this is due to Network Rail’s vision and values, which have been used to underpin its training programme. High quality training, from apprenticeships to Master’s level, makes sure that the business has the best engineers and the best leaders.

Its investment in the future is tied up in its investment in people. It recruits and retains the best people for a wide range of jobs and roles. It is able to go forward with some of the most challenging, but also most exciting, engineering projects in Europe.

Network Rail | Managing change through training and development