Launching a new product range
A Patak's case study

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Page 5: Targeting a market

Pataks 5 Image 4Marketing specialists need to have a clear view of their targeted customer. Knowing who your customer is enables you to choose the right sort of marketing mix - getting the product right, promoting and advertising your product in the most appropriate way, selecting the most suitable price and putting the product in the most convenient place for the consumer - e.g. on the expected shelf in their local supermarket.

Patak’s target market for its new product range is ABC1 single people and couples in the 20-35 year old age range. Primarily these are people who are working full time and have busy social lives. These consumers need convenience while at the same time appreciate product quality and authenticity and were not purchasing the larger family sized jars. Research had also shown that they were nervous of the cooking skill required and the speed of preparation.

The product is therefore also designed to appeal to the adventurous spirit – to people who like to try new products. However, they would also be young people who have grown up with Indian food as part of their diet. Such an audience would consist of consumers who already eat Indian food regularly in a variety of forms - take-away, restaurant meals, chilled ready meals, etc. and want to replicate restaurant quality at home.

How the new product launch will help to build the company

Patak’s is clearly an exceptionally dynamic company which has gained market leadership in the pastes sector in a relatively short period of time. This market leadership is based on a clear understanding of the consumer for authentic Indian foods. The new range will help to add value to the existing pastes and sauces market by introducing new users to the category. Many purchasers of the new range are likely to make repeat purchases and to extend their horizons into making other purchases from across the range of other Patak’s products. For many of the targeted customers, making an 89p purchase of a Korma paste will be a low risk meal solution. If the solution proves to be successful they will want to buy again and they will want to try out other new alternatives confident that Patak’s is able to meet their needs.

The product launch will witness distribution throughout major supermarkets, cash and carrys, as well as independent grocers, thereby ensuring its target consumers are reached regardless of income or shopping habits. Promotional activity will encourage the trial of the smaller curry paste packs, emphasising its convenience. PR programmes will communicate the benefits in a variety of trade and consumer press titles and bring to attention a tastings programme. All this activity will be consistently backed up with Patak’s TV advertising campaign.

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