Building a brand leader
A Sky case study

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Page 3: The Sky brand

Sky’s achievements in its short life so far emphasise that the company has always had a common ambition and a common way of doing things. It has always been about innovation, always been about giving customers new things and a better choice, always been about making Sky an essential part of people’s homes.

This idea is at the heart of the Sky brand. It’s the single most important thing that makes Sky different from its competitors. Sky sums up this idea in a single sentence – something other companies may call a mission statement, but something Sky calls ‘our shared ambition’: 'We want to be at the heart of 21st century living and to make every day extraordinary for every one of our customers.'

This is backed up by a statement of how that will be achieved, a brand promise:

We’ll achieve our ambition by:creating and acquiring the best entertainment and information; keeping our customers at the forefront of entertainment and information technology;giving our customers the best possible experience;and by continuing to be inventive, creative, entertaining and challenging.

To help make Sky staff understand how it affects them in their day to day work, there’s a statement about communication and behaviour. ‘We aim to be personal, clear, entertaining, engaging and confident.’

These statements help staff within Sky focus on what is most important to the company. They also remind staff of what is expected of them in terms of behaviour. They are essential in making sure that customers get the same experience from Sky whenever they come into contact with the company.

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