Subscribing to broadcasting success
A Sky case study

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Page 6: Conclusion

Sky 2 Image 7This study shows how an innovative company, which has been instrumental in changing the lifestyles of many people, has engaged in a sophisticated marketing strategy, in order to maximise benefits to its customers. BSkyB has gone much further than simply providing the service customers want. It has gone out of its way to create a personalised relationship with its customers, to encourage them to state their individual preferences and requirements. The case study is a classic in relationship marketing and successfully making sure that “the big ideas” - i.e. the strategies, are converted into effective operational activities. This success story will help BSkyB to steer its way into a future which will see many changes and provide many more exciting opportunities.

The introduction of digital technology presents a major opportunity for BSkyB. Digital broadcasting offers greatly enhanced channel capacity and the ability to introduce new features such as pay per view and interactive services, which include home banking and shopping. BSkyB is well advanced in its plans for digital services in the UK and has designed its own electronic programme guide. This electronic programme guide will provide programme listings and information on the television screen. The company is also in discussions with a number of interactive service providers. In 1996, the company acquired transponders on a new Astra satellite, which will provide the platform for a UK digital service to be launched in 1997.

Sky | Subscribing to broadcasting success