Delivering a superior customer experience
A TNT case study

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Page 2: Why is customer focus so important?

Tnt 17 Iamge 6Customer service is a series of activities designed to deliver customer satisfaction. The process of providing customer satisfaction is based on an understanding of what customers want and need.

Effective businesses aim to anticipate and meet or exceed these needs. It also requires effective communication.  A high quality customer experience needs to apply from initial contact through to after-sales care, whether the customer generates a one-off transaction or regular repeat business.

Factors affecting customer satisfaction

There are many different aspects which underpin customer satisfaction in a business. These include:

  • ease of use – educating customers so that they know how to get the best from the service or product and designing services that are easy to use and access
  • personal relationships – building a rapport with customers to make them feel valued and that their needs are important, so that they develop an attachment to the service
  • appropriate payment systems – enabling customers to pay in ways that are convenient to them and at appropriate times, such as on satisfactory completion of service
  • an effective complaints process – dealing with any problems or complaints promptly and making sure customers know of the outcome
  • after-sales service – checking that customers have had a satisfactory experience and offering other potentially relevant services to extend the customer relationship.

Tnt 17 Image 1The various elements of providing a satisfactory customer experience should relate to customer needs. Relevant factors for TNT customers involve:

  • on-time delivery – TNT aims to deliver all documents, parcels and freight to the customer’s required timescale through its door-to-door integrated air and road network
  • 24/7 tracking – TNT’s sophisticated online technology makes it possible for customers to track where their consignments are at any time of day, giving them reassurance
  • personal attention – TNT can accommodate specific customer requirements for safe delivery of unusual or fragile items. For example, on one occasion, the company transported a life-sized fibreglass Friesian cow from Scotland to a farm in Northern Ireland!

TNT | Delivering a superior customer experience