Sponsorship and the marketing mix
A Vodafone case study

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Page 5: Market research

Vodafone 9 Diagram 3High profile campaigns are a gamble. The campaign’s impact has to justify the time, money and effort spent on it. The marketing team must evaluate the campaign’s success. Vodafone UK has asked people across different sectors of society about the campaign, and has analysed their responses. Individuals were asked what they could remember about the campaigns. This is known in the marketing industry as recall.

Another exercise assessed the effectiveness of the poster depicting Beckham being reminded to buy some eggs. People in the survey are shown different Vodafone posters and asked to say which of them they recall in relation to Vodafone live! Clearly, the Beckham poster is far and away the one that is best recalled.

Vodafone 9 Diagram 4Other data has been used to assess the success of the Beckham promotion. Findings from UK Brand Tracking data reveal that the TV campaign has increased awareness of Vodafone with above average efficiency as measured by the Awareness Index, primarily because of the Beckham scenes. People are able to recall and describe the advertisements without prompting.

Brand migration

The Beckham campaign has also helped to support Vodafone’s drive for brand migration. Vodafone can help to fulfil its aim to grow successfully by acquiring local companies in markets that Vodafone would like to enter. A good example of this is Vodafone’s purchase of J-Phone in Japan. The initial strategy was to use a dual J-Phone Vodafone logo alongside the powerful image of Beckham to emphasise the relationship between the two companies.

The final transition removed the J-Phone logo altogether to a sole focus on Vodafone (Vodafone KK). This strategy warmed J-Phone’s customers to the idea of a global brand replacing a local brand. David Beckham is a popular figure in Japan and helped to smooth the way for the substitution of the global brand in place of the local one.

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