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Harnessing the Evocative Power of Authenticity in Your Marketing: A Case Study

If there’s anything the COVID-19 epidemic has demonstrated to brand marketers, around the world, it’s the knowledge your consumer’s loyalty and trust can’t be bought through savvy marketing, alone.

Your brand’s values need to resonate with them. So, getting someone to identify with your brand requires a genuinely deep connection.

This is why smart brands are shifting their focus to dial-up authenticity in their marketing. At www.tapestodigital.co.uk we’ve worked with a host of brands to rescue their content heritage.

What It Means To Channel Authenticity In Your Marketing

Authenticity translates into being genuine and real in every aspect of your marketing communications. At its most basic, it means being true to your brand’s values. Your communications seek to nurture genuine connections with your audience.

The first step on your journey to authenticity as a brand is to understand your target market back to front and inside out. You should be clear as to their motivations and value sets. You understand intimately how and why they interact with your brand. You eschew marketing gimmicks and shameless hooks to reel in consumers who aren’t in your target catchment. That form of brand behaviour violates your audience’s trust. Moreover, you know the primal drivers powering authenticity – nurturing trust and sustaining it over time.

Still unclear how to tap into your brand’s reservoir of authenticity? Think of the traits you associate with people who are genuine and authentic in life. Honest, welcoming, considerate, thoughtful, nonjudgmental, teachable, even expressive.

So, if you’re searching for a path forward to ensure your brand is authentic and resonates with your audience and your pool of prospects, think about whether your brand walks and talks at least some of those traits, then, flag areas where you need to make some strategic adjustments.

What better way to market your brand than in ways that feel real and relatable to your audience, than showing your authentic self through your brand’s content?

What’s Driving the Emergence of Authenticity In Marketing?

Our client experiences have identified three key trends in consumer attitudes that are driving the quest for authenticity in brand messaging:

  1. Consumers are drowning in messages. The deluge of daily marketing messages has conditioned our audiences to tune out unrelatable messages. Authenticity cuts through the clutter and positions your brand to resonate with your target audience
  2. Consumers are savvier than ever. Contemporary consumers intuitively sense duplicitous messages. Consumers are increasingly savvy and discerning when it comes to deceptive claims
  3. Consumers look for complementary brand values. Authentic messaging helps you define your brand’s values in terms that echo those of your audience positioning your brand to convert the right customers.

Communicating Your Brand’s Authenticity To Win Consumer Trust

So, now we’ve identified why authenticity is core to a brand’s customer acquisition and retention strategy, here are the Top 5 strategies for embedding authenticity in your marketing strategy.

1. Cultivate Transparency

Transparency is the friend of authenticity. Putting a human face on your brand and showing your audience how you create your products behind your brand lends your appeal credibility, encouraging loyalty and advocacy.

2. Clarify Your Brand’s Values and Promise

One aspect of communicating your brand’s authenticity means communicating your brand’s promise and core values. Executing that pivot successfully requires brands to first identify what your brand stands for and place that at the centre of your brand’s marketing initiatives.

Why does your brand exist? Why does it matter?

One of the best ways to communicate your brand values is to tell your story. Share the story behind your brand and keep your tone conversational.

The value of heritage places a premium on converting those old VHS corporate videos and internal footage. VHS to DVD transfer technology is a brilliant way to save your brand’s genuine heritage. Don’t let your brand story perish as it deteriorates under the impact of heat, humidity and mould.

Once you’re clear on your values and promise, look to spread the word. Adapt your marketing assets and promote your narrative via your digital marketing channels.

3. Embrace Openness Around Your Products

Pull back the curtain on how your products or services are created and give your audience deeper insights into your values. What makes up each produce? How do you reduce waste and save energy?

Answering these questions demonstrates your authenticity and differentiates your brand from faceless corporates.

4. Lift the Curtain on Your Logistics and Operations

Providing your audience with a behind-the-scenes peek into your brand’s daily operations reinforces your brand values, gives them confidence in your brand and helps earn your customers’ trust.

These days, prospects and repeat customers don’t willingly trust brands unless they are comfortable your brand’s back-room operations match your brand’s front office showroom.

Making Sure Your Brand Voice Is Authentic

If you’ve got to here, you’ve probably realized having an authentic brand voice matters, a lot. It should be a voice that isn’t afraid to be conversational. Conversations with your audience, particularly loyalists and advocates is a brilliant way to keep your brand real and down-to-earth. Remember to personalize those connections whenever you have the opportunity.

A good policy is to be up-front with your audience. Don’t be afraid to communicate who your brand is and what your brand stands for. It’s a case of demonstrating that you mean what you say rather than just saying it. Walk the talk!

Ditch corporate jargon, never talk down to your audience and find the right language that frees your audience to fully engage in a conversation with your brand. Naturally, this implies you understand your audience, their needs and wants and totally, viscerally gets them. Warning! If you don’t, they’ll suss you out right smart.

Final Observation

Authenticity is the key to engaging a new generation of prospects and retaining existing ones. Consumers are increasingly belief-driven in their purchase decision making and reward brands with an authentic story. VHS to DVD transfer services can save your brand’s content heritage for another generation of prospective customers. Being ‘real’ and authentic in your marketing is no longer a theory, it’s a precondition for success.

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