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5 tips for safe refrigerated trailer hire for your event

Safety is paramount for any business and this is as true for those hiring refrigerated trailers as it is for those in the building trade. Refrigerated trailers are as safe as any piece of equipment in the right hands and with the right knowhow.

Herein are the best tips from Fridgexpress to help make your refrigerated trailer hire straight forward, simple, and safe to ensure your event goes well.

Don’t Move The Rented Refrigerated Trailer

After positioning and stabilizing the freezer trailer, it is of utmost importance to avoid moving the trailer yourself. Once you connect the trailer, you want to prevent issues from arising from de-leveling the freezer or chiller. When the fridge is not level, it affects the drainage and potentially damages the fan/coil. You will also have a hard time shutting the doors..

Park Your Refrigerated Trailer As Close To A Power Supply As Possible

Given that the trailers are supplied with a range-limited lead, you ought to install the fridge trailer close to the power source. The leads have a limited range by design. Long leads suffer from a voltage drop. This inadvertently affects the unit, causing malfunctions.

Always Keep The Doors Shut

For many people, this is an obvious tip. However, from our experience, the most common customer inquiry on the unit not holding temperature is caused by clients leaving the doors open after accessing the goods. Ensure the door stays shut. This will help the fridge maintain temperature better while avoiding the unit icing up, which could cause damage.

Don’t Overload The Shelves

We have designed the shelves in the refrigerated trailers to meet the needs of the vast majority of our clients. However, there is a possibility of overloading the shelves. With this in mind, avoid stressing the shelves and distribute the weight better by placing loads across the shelving pan.

Don’t Adjust The Preset Temperature.

It is easy to alter the operating parameters while changing the unit the controller accidentally. Tampering with this part of the fridge can cause the fridge to operate inefficiently, which could cause damage. Ensure you inspect the unit along with the delivery driver, making sure the unit has the required temperature. Moreover, seek the exact instructions needed to change the temperature before you endeavor to do so. This will help you avoid problems.

All of these tips will help keep your trailer in fine condition and ensure the safety of you and those around you.

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