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What do I need to rent a car in Dubai?

Dubai is one of the most popular cities in the world. Located in the United Arabs Emirates in the far way Middle East, Dubai has grown to become the home of luxury and finesse. From the hundreds of five star hotels to some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world, Dubai is host to some beautiful resorts and amazing buildings that makes the city a top tourist destination in the world. Every year, thousands of people visit the city of Dubai on tourism purposes and Dubai city provides great hospitality to keep visitors happy. Dubai is truly the centre for fun, relaxation and excitement.

For new residents and tourists in Dubai, the main challenge that you will be faced with is the problem of finding a good transportation medium, that is a good alternative to buying a new car. Although public transportation like Bus Metro exists in the city, these services are not comfortable, convenient and reliable for people within the city. Car Rental Dubai has been proven in recent years to be the best alternative because they offer car rental services at affordable prices. No matter the amount of money you have, there is always a car available for you. However, certain needs are normally required by car rental companies before a person can rent a car in Dubai. These need include;

  1. Minimum Age Limit

To be able to rent a car in Dubai, the law of the United Arabs Emirates clearly stipulates that you must be up to 21 years. Furthermore, to rent a luxurious rental car in Dubai, most car rentals operating within the city set the minimum age limit at 25 years. Although the second rule is not really popular in car rentals, the first rule is bounded by the government. Therefore, before you go to a car rental company to rent any car, you must be up to the age of 21.

  1. Driver’s License

The driver’s license is another thing you will need before you can rent a car in Dubai. To drive a car in Dubai, the Road Transport Authorities (RTA) clearly provide that an individual must be up to the age of 18 before driving a car. For residents in Dubai, the car rental company will ask for your Emirates Driver’s License, while an International or European Driver’s License is always requested from tourists visiting the country before you can rent a car in Dubai. However, for individuals from GCC countries, UK, US and many others, you can present your home country driver’s license to Car Rental Dubai as proof of your driving pedigree.

  1. Other documents

In addition to the driver’s license, Dollar Rent a car normally requires some documents before you can rent a car from them. For a resident or citizen of Dubai, to rent a car in Dubai, the following documents will also be required; Passport copy, Visa Page copy, Emirates ID (Front and Back) copy. Also for tourists in Dubai, you must submit a Passport copy and Visit Visa copy before you can rent a car in Dubai.

  1. Security Deposit

The security deposit is an advanced payment that is collected by car rental companies in Dubai. This advanced fee helps to create a mutual agreement between the car rental company and the client. For luxurious cars, car rentals normally demand a high security deposit. On the other hand, cheap cars normally require a low security deposit. However, before renting a car in Dubai, always remember that the security deposit is one important need that is required.

  1. Insurance cover

The terms and conditions of Rent a Car Dubai clearly stipulates that any individual renting a car in Dubai must provide insurance cover for the car in case of an accident, theft or loss of belonging. To provide the needed cover for these circumstances, some insurance policies have been drafted by car rentals to offer these services at certain charges which will be collected from you. However, if you are not comfortable with the insurance deal you are getting, government legislation allows you to employ the services of a private insurance company to provide insurance cover for your car.

  1. Salik charges

Salik charges are normally collected by Dubai authorities as a tax from drivers that ply the beautiful road networks in the city. When you want to rent a car in Dubai, you must make adequate provision for these charges and make your payment for these charges at toll gates to avoid sanctions from the government.

  1. Safety accessories

Car Rental Dubai mandates that car renters in Dubai must provide some safety accessories in their car before driving the car away. For example, if you are carrying children for your trip, you are mandated to install a child seat in your rental car before driving the car away, to guarantee the safety of your children. 

In summary, Rent a Car Dubai is all about providing comfortable and reliable rental cars for residents and tourists in Dubai. However, before you can rent a car in Dubai, car rental companies in Dubai will demand several requirements from you. This article provides you with all you need to know to rent a car in Dubai.

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