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5 Ways IT support helps your business grow

ways it support helps your business grow
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IT support companies can only help your business to grow, opening up new possibilities and keeping your data safe

All businesses rely heavily on IT nowadays, especially small businesses. It is vital for advertising, payments, communication and security, no matter if you’re an independent retailer or a financial adviser. A slow or glitchy IT network or – heaven forbid – a broken IT network, can therefore be disastrous for business, stunting growth by costing you time and custom.

Hiring IT support can help to bring your IT infrastructure up to par, allowing you to better compete in a crowded market with prompt, up-to-the-minute resources at your disposal.

There are a number of ways in which IT support companies can boost your business, and below are just a few of them, courtesy of the experts at Syntax IT Support London.

Lighten the workload

Let’s face it, messing about with IT networks isn’t what you set up your business for. But it is what IT support companies set themselves up for. By outsourcing your IT, you can free up your time and your staff’s time, so you can get down to whatever it is you do best. Focus on customer service, organise deliveries, or beautify your premises, knowing that the IT grunt work is being done by somebody who knows what they’re doing.

Save you money

IT problems cost all businesses a lot both time and money every year. In June 2012, for example, a computer failure in the Royal Bank of Scotland cost the organisation £100 million, and that’s a big company, with plenty of financial buffers in place to protect themselves. For a small or medium-sized business, a computer error can be ruinous. Even one broken till, or server crash, can consume an entire working day or more; hours which could otherwise be spent providing services and making money. Having a company of experts dedicated to the maintenance of your IT network can therefore save you a lot of hassle and a lot of cash.

Reduce stress levels

The work day is stressful enough without the addition of a network crash. Every employee knows the anxiety that comes from trying to simultaneously locate and fix an IT issue while keeping a queue of customers happy. It takes a large portion of your day up and dents your professional reputation. IT support companies can often locate and fix the problem for you remotely and quickly, while you enjoy an unexpected tea break.

Recommend the best tools and resources for you

Both technology and the way we do business are changing ever more rapidly. Technology is essential to almost all modern businesses if they want to remain a competitive force, but staying on top of the latest products and cloud services can be difficult, especially if IT is not really your thing. But once you hire an external IT company to oversee your technological requirements, you will meet with them in monthly or quarterly business reviews, in which they will discuss your company’s needs and provide comprehensive coverage of the latest technologies that would help promote growth.

Keep your company safe from cyber threats

Small businesses are big targets for hackers and cybercriminals, with their lack of money for security making them low-risk, but potentially high reward. Keeping all your data backed up and protected from malware and ransomware by people who know the programs and methods hackers commonly use will give you peace of mind, and provide you with a reputation for caring about data security.

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