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5 Ways to Grow Your E-commerce Business

E-commerce is an increasingly essential way to do business – but it’s not always a straightforward one. You might be just getting started selling things online, or you might be hitting a plateau and you’re looking for new ways to grow. Either way, there are a few common mistakes that might be holding you back. Let’s look at how to get around them. Many businesses have been struggling in the past months, read more

Invest in Product Research Programmes

A product research programme will allow you to identify which sorts of product are in high demand, but have low competition. Of course, the market is constantly evolving, and certain opportunities will need to be quickly seized upon. This is where financing comes in handy. It’ll provide you with the liquidity you need to strike whenever a good deal arrives. High street lenders tend to be a little sluggish for this sort of thing, which is what makes the online alternative lenders like Nucleus Commercial Finance so attractive. While there is always an inherent risk involved in borrowing, lenders of this sort are regulated by the FCA in the same way as their more traditional equivalents, which provides at least some peace of mind.

Invest in Your Website

While a presence on social media is an essential tool, it isn’t a substitute for a proper website. It’s through your website that would-be clients and collaborators will form their initial impression of your business. It’s an opportunity to persuade people to pick up the phone and to place orders – so make sure you don’t miss it.

Omni-channel Marketing

To maximise your marketing potential, thereby reaching the maximum number of would-be customers, you’ll need to use multiple channels. Simply relying on one or two familiar methods is going to leave you at a marked disadvantage.

Invest in High-Quality Visuals

If you’re selling online, then you’ll typically have only one means of demonstrating what your product looks like. If your photos are blurry and low-resolution, your customers will form a poor impression of that product – not only because they won’t be able to see the detail of it, but because the lack of investment will translate into a poor impression of your company overall. After all, how can you be trusted to make a quality product if you can’t work out how to take a decent picture of it?

Look into Selling Internationally

There’s only so much growth potential domestically, especially if you’re supplying a specialist product which only one in ten thousand people will have any use for. By shipping across international boundaries, you’ll be able to quickly multiply your potential customer base. This will throw up complications in the form of customs checks and tariffs, but in many cases this is more than justified by the extra custom you’ll generate.

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