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BSV Wallets that Exceed Expectations

A wallet is essentially used for storing digital currencies. And with Bitcoin SV (BSV) successfully restoring the original Bitcoin protocol and unlocking unbounded scalability, it now offers a set-in-stone protocol that acts as a solid foundation for a multitude of applications to be built on it, much like how the Internet protocol has created an online world. The BSV blockchain is also infinitely scalable, meaning it can handle big and bigger data and low-cost microtransactions as it continues to scale. This makes BSV rise in the ranks as probably the most capable blockchain that is ready for global adoption. 

With its rising value and popularity, many are looking for a BSV wallet that suits their various needs on top of storage. Below are some of the BSV wallets that exceed expectations by enabling a host of cool features, aside from offering cheap transaction fees.


  • Claims to be the most used BSV wallet
  • Available in web format and mobile app DotWallet Pro
  • Offers multiple registration and login methods, such as email, phone number and through third party sites
  • Supports BSV, BTC and ETH
  • Features DotWallet Swap allowing for exchange of BTC, ETH and BSV as trading pairs
  • Also has a DotWallet for Developers platform for enterprises

Leading iGaming technology platform BitBoss uses it for its blockchain-based casino

Money Button

  • A web wallet that has helped the growth of the BSV ecosystem
  • Many BSV applications utilize it
  • Very simple and easy-to-use interface
  • Uses only a two-step process that makes sending and receiving BSV faster
  • Allows multiple outputs, such as blockchain data, smart contracts and currency conversion
  • Recently acquired by digital asset marketplace Fabriik
  • With Fabriik and Money Button, anything is possible in the future


  • Available in web format and mobile app
  • Exclusively offers nanopayments that allows for users to send a small amount at a very low transaction fee
  • Has a keyless interface
  • HandCash Connect SDK allows for easy integration it into games and other apps

Offers its own universal currency unit called “Duro


  • Offers both web and mobile superwallets 
  • BSV wallets can be integrated with other applications
  • Has a simple authentication process
  • Has created the first BSV stablecoin, USDC
  • Provides its own decentralized exchange called REX
  • Has a minting tool that can create tokens and have them be instantly tradable on RelayX 


  • A scalable wallet for enterprise systems, IoT devices and other apps
  • Not for use by individual consumers
  • Specializes in large-scale transactions
  • Offers easy integration of blockchain transactions with third-party platforms and applications
  • Takes care of address and UTXO management
  • Provides data indexing services


  • A desktop BSV wallet geared for developer use
  • Features multi-user signature payments 
  • Gives users the option to import keys from other wallets
  • Supports integration with Bitbox, Ledger and Keepkey hardware wallets

These are the BSV wallets that have some of the best features, making them more than just wallets for storing digital currencies. Centbee is also an exceptional wallet that even allows for users to to buy prepaid data, airtime, electricity and gaming vouchers on their mobile app. Centbee is only available in South Africa, although there are plans for it to become global in the near future.

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