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5 Ways To Motivate Employees To Create Clutter-Free Workspace

A focused and proactive team can take your business a step closer to success. Conversely, lazy and unproductive employees do just the opposite. It comes as no surprise that small and large organizations are willing to invest in employee motivation. A lot depends on encouraging them to create and maintain a clutter-free workspace. Clutter on the desks and computers can slow people down, distract them, and damage their productivity. No business owner would want to deal with such a situation. It makes sense to help employees with the right moves and tools. Here are the ones that can make a difference.

Educate them about the value of organizing

The best place to start is by educating your employees to create awareness about the value of keeping things well-organized. Once they understand the significance of ensuring that their workspaces and devices are always organized, they will make conscious efforts to avoid clutter. The idea is to explain that they can do more with less by keeping things in place and getting rid of everything they do not need.

Incentivize them for good work

Creative incentives go a long way in fueling employee motivation for creating clean workspaces. Conduct surprise investigations of work desks and incentivize people for good work. You may also hold contests for individuals and teams and appreciate those who come up with creative solutions. Incentives encourage people to go the extra mile, while competition makes them think of ways to get ahead of others.

Provide tools and solutions

Clean desks and devices require specialized tools and solutions. As a business, you must provide all the essentials to your employees. Start with physical cleaning tools that enable employees to clean their workspaces physically. You can even schedule a cleaning hour every week to ensure they have no excuses about time constraints. Empower them with a cleanup guide to keep devices organized and clutter-free. While it may require a little investment, you make extensive gains as workplaces and employees become more productive.

Get a makeover for the laggards

Every organization has learners and laggards. It is vital to do your bit to help the latter, and an extreme makeover can just do the trick. Let a good organizer work on decluttering their workspace and devices, and train them while doing the job. Focus on inspiring and helping people to overcome their laziness rather than pinpointing their flaws. The right approach will ensure that they become more clutter-conscious and get better with cleaning spaces in the future.

Create a clean workspace policy

If you are serious about workspace cleanliness in your organization, making it a part of your policy helps. When all else fails, mandating clean desks and clutter-free devices is the only way to achieve the goals. Send across the message loud and clear, and highlight the penalties for not following the norms. It will make people adhere to the guidelines sooner rather than later.

Clutter-free workspaces are empowering for employees and businesses, so they are worth investing your efforts in. Ensure that employees build a mindset and do it as a habit rather than compulsion.

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