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5 Ways to print invitations in an Eco-friendly manner for growing business

Photo by Anna Shvets: pexels.com

Is your birthday getting near? Or some other occasions for which you need to send out messages? But amidst so much pollution and destruction of nature, why not send out the next batch of invitations in an eco-friendly way? Nowadays, most of the big MNCs use an eco-friendly process to send out invitations. And to be honest, these eco-friendly manners are much more cost-friendly compared to other ways of sending out invitations. 

These are 5 ways by which you can invite in an eco-friendly manner. Use Avery weprint Promo code & Ink Factory Discount Code to get exciting offers on your next invitation batch that you send out.

Eco-friendly print inks

Many of us do not know that some eco-friendly inks and inks are harmful to nature. Typical inks that are used by the age-old printers contain VOCs, usually known as Volatile Organic Compounds, which are released when used by inks based on petroleum. But when you use organic inks or inks based on soya materials, then there are fewer chances that it will prove too harmful to nature.

Right paper

If you are planning to use an eco-friendly manner to print invitations, it is essential to choose the correct kind of writing because not all papers are eco-friendly. You can use 13-point 100% recycled matte cover stock, 70 lb. recycled matte text, or 15-point velvet cover stock, which are well-known as eco-friendly papers.

Choose wisely

If you are going to give any company the task of printing your invitations, then make sure that the company maintains eco-friendly standards so that they can print your invitations in an eco-friendly way. Sometimes companies claim that they use eco-friendly techniques, but they don’t, so do check properly before giving your order.

Mail it

The best way to send out invitations is by mailing them directly to the recipients. Because if you mail out the letters, then there will be no use of paper or ink and hence the whole process will be eco-friendly way. 

Cluster it down

Instead of wasting three to four pages on the invitation, try to trickle it down to a single page. Just add the essential details of the occasion and send it out. And don’t forget to use student discounts when you go ahead to give out these invitations for print.

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