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6 great ways to enhance communication between remote employees

Over the past year, many businesses have made the decision to allow employees to operate remotely, either on a temporary or permanent basis due to the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic. Though this has its benefits, nothing can replace talking face-to-face.

All the same, there are a few ways in which we can make sure that remote employees are still getting interaction. Thus, here are 6 great ways to enhance communication between your remote employees.

Host a webinar experience

One way in which you could do this is by holding training webinars or other digital experiences with ON24. This platform can be used to create opportunities for sales meetings, group networking, Q&A sessions and much more.  Presentations are a vital part of webinars and a great tool for remote team meetings. Using visually engaging PowerPoint templates can help create impactful remote business presentations and enhance overall team communications.

This will allow employees to communicate with a multimedia content experience and interact with one another throughout the webinar or virtual conference.

Have regular virtual coffee breaks

Why should working from home mean that you need to miss out on the little chats you have on your coffee break or whilst at the water cooler? The only difference is that you can schedule them regularly and partake in them from the comfort of your own home.

This is a fantastic option, not only because it encourages and enhances communication between employees but also because it makes sure that everyone is taking regular screen breaks.

Welcome morning meetings

When working from home, it can be hard to strike a good work-life balance and find some kind of structure in your day. Therefore, it can be beneficial to start every day with a morning meeting to assemble a sense of order.

Consider mental health aspects throughout

Whether at home or in the office, the mental health of your employees should be regarded as a top priority at all times. This is especially the case whilst those employees are undertaking remote work, as being alone can lead to loneliness.

Not only this, but remote employees work 1.4 more days per month than their office-based counterparts. Though this does make them more productive, this is potentially a result of skipped breaks, which can have a negative effect on mental health.

Remember, if you experience or notice any signs of mental health issues, you should contact a mental health crisis helpline.

Make sure you have internal messaging set up

Choose a way in which everyone can communicate amongst themselves and make sure that every remote worker has access to it. Whether you opt for Facebook, WhatsApp, Slack, Skype or another messaging application, make sure the rollout is accessible and consistent.

Have fun once in a while!

Encouraging communications between remote employees should not just be limited to working hours. We are all human beings, and we can all appreciate letting loose with our work friends once in a while.

Instead of heading to the pub after work like you might have been done in pre-pandemic times, try and organise some social nights such as happy hours, Netflix parties, pub quizzes, open mic nights or whatever takes your fancy.

The past year has seen many of us work remotely, and some have never met their co-workers in person. However, by encouraging communication between remote employees, we can make a start at building a community or keeping it together.

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